ALPD is the abbreviation of Advanced Laser Phosphor Display which is the most advanced fluorescent laser technology. It’s used for image display based on the laser-excited fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color laser lines.

Alpd 3.0

Higher Color Accuracy and Wider Color Gamut

Through continuous improvement of ALPD technology, ALPD 3.0 laser light technology has achieved breakthroughs on color accuracy and color gamut, and helped improve lightweight design and reliability for high-performance products. Light source efficiency has been increased by 20%, which realizes the 100% color brightness of the single-chip DLP projectors and makes the color accuracy reach the DCI color gamut standard.

Eye Protection

For home projectors or classroom projectors, instead of color, brightness, and light source lifetime, the most important advantage of ALPD 3.0 is eye protection which is also a core value concerned by users. Compared with liquid crystal display technology which causes irreversible damage to the human eye, short-throw projector with ALPD 3.0 laser technology can provide effective protection for our eyes against radiation and fatigue due to lower blue light energy and strobe frequency. Moreover, it employs reflective imaging, which can avoid the light projecting directly to the human eye.