4K Ultra HD projector or 4K Ultra HD TV delivers incredible immersive viewing experience and superior image quality, bringing home 4K digital cinema experience from the theater. A 4K image projected on a movie theater screen consists of 4096 x 2160 pixels, 4K Ultra HD projector has over 8 megapixel resolution and 4x much more pixels compared to complete HD is the next generation display technology for the family.

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4k ultra short throw laser projector

What is 4k projector?

Simply, watching a 4K Ultra HD projector is immersive and lifelike. Other features include the following:

A more theater-like viewing experience, 4K Ultra HD projector reproduce colors more dramatically than HDTVs.

Dazzling, pristine images and with four times the resolution of HDTV, allowing you to see more detail. In pixel terms, that’s 8 million pixels compared to HDTV’s maximum of 2.2 million.

Besides that:

You can feel higher frame rates: sports will look smoother and more fluid.

You can get high dynamic range: brighter detail in an explosion in your favorite action film.

You can see wider color gamut: that apple will look so red you’ll want to take a bite!

What is a 4k projector?


The image display is composed of pixels, 3840*2160≈8.3 million pixels, and 3840 is close to 4000, which is called 4K projector. The resolution of 1080P refers to 1920*1080. The same size display screen, the higher the pixel, the more realistic the picture quality. So if you want to see a screen of one hundred or more, then the resolution must more higher.