VAVA’s Weekly Giveaway

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It’s summertime — and what better way to relax and soak in the sun than with your very own VAVA Voom. This summer, we’re giving away a VAVA Voom each week to one lucky winner! Entering is simple — simply sign up for our e-mail newsletter filled with exclusive content, deals, and more and that’s it! Add some boom to your summer and discover that #SoundThatMovesYou



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5 thoughts on “VAVA’s Weekly Giveaway

  1. AudraL.P.N.

    Well this stinks! Just got the ad on my feed today and contest has already ended?!? Please feel free to go ahead and send me a free one as a consolation prize for missing this awesome contest.

    1. Hey Audra! Sorry about that — please try again and we’ll give you a bonus entry to make up for it!

  2. Buelah Mallett

    I am 68 years young , some things are going down slowly of course,but I would love to hear my music and understand it a lot better so I no this is what I need, or should say I would love to have one.

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