If winning two Red Dot awards in a row doesn’t require some proper celebration what does? In order to commemorate the attribution of the Red Dot design award for 2017 to both the VAVA Dash Cam and VOOM 22 Bluetooth Speaker, the VAVA team had a night of celebration in San Francisco with the design team that’s behind the two award winning devices – Y Studios.

The Red Dot is an internationally renowned product design prize awarded to those products that have distinguished themselves for their innovative, original design construction.



While the VAVA Dash Cam and VOOM 22 Bluetooth Speaker belong to two different product categories, both share a customer centric, minimalistic design that’s been acknowledged for combining innovation and functionality.


What’s special about the VAVA VOOM 22 Bluetooth Speaker? In addition to featuring an entirely cable-free build that can be easily paired with a second unit for a more immersive home theater setup, the speaker is elegantly woven in a stylish, soft fabric finish that feels good to the touch and is pleasing to the eye.



With nearly $600K on Kickstarter from backers from 50+ countries, the VAVA Dash Cam sports a groundbreaking 360° swivel design that empowers the drivers to conveniently turn it around to document what’s happening both on the road and inside the vehicle.



The collaboration between VAVA and Y-Studios has proven successful in delivering customer-focused products that meet the users’ expectations while providing an original, award-winning design.


Visit https://www.vava.com to learn more about VAVA’s upcoming creations – and celebrations.