VAVA Dash Inside Look: Get 30+ Days of Parking Mode

VAVA Dash cam


The VAVA Dash Cam comes with a proprietary car charger that doubles as a 2300mAh powerbank in order to keep the dash cam up and running even when the vehicle’s engine is off.

By virtue of this innovative design element, the VAVA Dash Cam provides the users with an enduring parking mode that lasts up to 30 days before the car DVR runs out of power.

Read on for a detailed description of the VAVA Dash Cam Charger’s construction / usability and learn how Kickstarter donors can easily get their hands on one unit by pledging the project.


The VAVA Dash Cam is your go to camera for your car — it records in 1080p HD, has a built-in G-sensor to auto-save unexpected impact, and more. It comes with a full featured mobile app — back the VAVA Dash Cam now on Kickstarter for as little as $1. 



A closer look at the VAVA Dash Cam Charger


A Sleek, User-Friendly Look


The VAVA Dash Cam Charger features a dual matte and glossy black finish construction that perfectly matches the VAVA Dash Cam’s own build.


In addition to giving the device a sleek, elegant look, this dual-tinted design makes it easier to discern the different components of the car charger.


The powerbank section comes with a matte finish that won’t attract fingerprints for a cleaner, newer look overtime, whereas both the cigarette lighter adapter and battery indicator button sport a more shiny black color.


The two fully visible LED indicators that sit on each side of the individual operation button further improve the VAVA Dash Cam Charger’s ease of use.


While the left mounted LED automatically turns on to indicate that the portable charger is successfully connected, it suffices to press once the built-in button for the one indicator on the right side to light up and provide the users with an accurate reading of the current battery’s level.


The remaining battery percentage will be shown via three different LED colors that light up for 3 seconds:


Red: < 20%

Orange: 20% – 99%

Green: 100% (fully charged)


This’ll empower the drivers to easily understand how much juice is left and when it’s time to recharge.

Learn more about the VAVA Dash Cam’s versatile construction by reading the blog “VAVA Dash Inside Look: What Makes the Camera Stand Out”.



Some Great Internals


What gives the VAVA Dash Cam Charger an extra edge over the ordinary car chargers is its unique design that combines powerbank and cigarette lighter adapter capabilities.


Securely hosted within the charger’s fireproof ABS + PC 94-V0 casing, the built-in 2300mAh battery capacity allows for over 30 hours of parking mode when the car is turned off.


In order to fully employ its advanced charging capabilities, the VAVA Dash Charger features:


1 x Universal cigarette lighter adapter (DC input of 9~28V/1.6A)

2 x USB charging ports (DC total output of 5V/3A)


While the dual USB ports empower the drivers to conveniently charge the car DVR as well as an additional device, the integrated cigarette lighter adapter’s input fully recharges the portable charger in only 2-3 hours when the 2300mAh capacity runs out.



How does parking mode work?



Unlike the other car cameras that require the users to manually turn on the built-in parking mode functionality, the VAVA Dash Cam goes a step forward by detecting when the vehicle’s engine is off and activating such function automatically.

As soon as the car stops supplying power via the dash cam’s cigarette lighter adapter, the integrated portable charger activates in order for the car DVR to keep on working even when the vehicle is motionless / parked.

While in parking mode the VAVA Dash Cam won’t record uninterruptedly until it runs out of power. The built-in G-sensor will wake it up and have it capture a short video ONLY when it detects suspicious activities outside of the car (e.g. when a vehicle bumps into your car).

By turning the car’s engine on, the portable charger switches off and the power is once again supplied via the cigarette lighter adapter. The dash cam’s powerbank automatically recharges so that it’ll be ready to securely monitor your vehicle’s surroundings at your next stop.


Learn more about the car camera’s built-in G-sensor technology by reading the blog “The VAVA Dash: Everything You Need to Know About the G-sensor”.




Sometimes the most dangerous place for your car is when it’s parked. Maybe that other driver left a note when he bumped into your car. Maybe there’s security footage available that shows what happened. Or maybe you can find out for sure with the VAVA Dash Cam. Paired with a proprietary 2300mAh power bank, the VAVA Dash Cam can stay in parking mode for over 30 days with G-sensor-activated recordings continuing to take place.


Support this groundbreaking car DVR on Kickstarter ($99 for our earliest backers instead of $199 once it hits the market), and get your VAVA Dash Cam Charger by adding just $20 to your

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