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Dash cams are very helpful to drivers and are becoming more and more popular every year. They are readily available to be purchased and they can help you be able to record everything you see in case you need to prove where you were or what happened at the scene of an accident.

So while they are mainly used for the safety and protection of the driver, they have also been able to capture some truly crazy and mind blowing scenes. So buckle up and get ready to check out some of the wildest dash cam videos out there.

Drunk Russian Man Pretends to Be Hit –

One of the best benefits of dash cams is to prevent fraud, and this video is a perfect example of why they can help. This video shows a clearly impaired man simply lay down in front of stopped car and make everyone think he was hit. After being told the driver has a dash cam, the drunken man pops up to his feet and makes a quick escape. If the drive had no dash cam, there is a chance he could’ve gotten in big trouble!

Half Naked Man Uses a Car Hood as a Ramp –

Well, that’s not something you see every day. The video starts with a seemingly normal drive but soon turns very abnormal when a man wearing only some shorts scurries over the hood of a car to evade police. Of course, he is quickly apprehended after some help from the driver of the car he tried to vault over.

Meteorite Captured Live on Camera –

With these dash cams rolling all day and night, they are bound to capture some pretty spectacular stuff from time to time. This video shows a lucky driver catching a meteor plummeting down to earth back in 2013, and the explosion of this meteor was said to have 30 times the power and energy of the atom bomb that dropped on Hiroshima.

Back Up Scammer Gets the Shock of his Life –

Vehicle fraud and scams can come in all shapes and sizes. While it sounds ridiculous to simply back up your car into someone else and claim they hit you, there is no doubt it works most of the time. Normally, the trailing car is at fault for these accidents, unless you have evidence to prove otherwise. Well, in this clip, the front driver clearly backs into the trailing driver and tries to scam him out of $500. Thankfully, the dash cam video shows everything and leaves the front driver pretty embarrassed.

Dash Cam Captures Emergency Plane Crash –

As mentioned, dash cam videos have caught some pretty crazy things, but this one might take the cake. The video starts out normal enough until you see a rogue plane come out of nowhere and nearly fall right on top of the car. Apparently, the plane was experiencing engine problems and had to make an emergency landing. Thankfully, no one was injured as a result of this accident.