Like the plot of a good detective novel, the history of the kettle is shrouded in mystery. From the Old Norse word “ketill” and Middle English “ketel,” the first kettle-like tool is said to be from ancient Mesopotamia, although research is conflicted on whether it was used for boiling water. Following this, iron kettles for boiling water would emerge at some point in China and 16th century Europe, although who made the first one remains unknown. What we do know is that by 1891, the world witnessed the invention of the electric kettle, by Chicago’s Carpenter Electric Company, which took about 12 minutes to boil water. From here, the design kept improving until we arrive at today, with the absolute proliferation of electricity powered kettles. Today, we’ll talk about five reasons why you should use an electric kettle to boil and heat your water!


Purify that Water!


We have been doing this as a society for a long time, especially before the invention of chemical purification agents – at a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit or above, water kills almost all bacteria and pathogens living within it. Basically, boiling water can make it safer to drink, especially important if you’re traveling away from the advanced, industrial-level purification systems of developed countries. Surprisingly, some sources suggest that drinking boiled water has additional health benefits besides removing dangerous bacteria like giardia and cryptosporidium. Warm or hot water can stimulate digestion, improve blood circulation, help weight loss by making you feel more full, and kick your metabolism into overdrive. Therefore, not only does boiling your water help prevent disease, it can actually make you healthier!


Electric Kettles Help Save on Your Electricity Bill!


Although it depends on your habits and the appliances you use, an electric kettle is significantly more energy efficient than a microwave or electric stovetop. In experimentation, the electric kettle has been shown to be about eighty percent efficient, as opposed to the stovetop and microwave at 70 percent and 50 percent efficiency respectively.


Versus a Stovetop, Electric Kettles Can Save You Time!


Waiting for water to boil can be a bit like watching paint dry or grass grow. Thankfully, with an electric kettle, your H2O will be bubbling happily in no time at all. According to several sources, an electric kettle can use upwards of 80 percent of the energy it expends for boiling the liquid contents inside of it. This is opposed to 47 percent for a microwave and 30.5 percent for electric stovetops. Surprisingly, some writers have even suggested that an electric kettle can outperform a gas stovetop, with the former boiling four cups of water at almost twice the speed as even the most expensive stovetop versions!


Electric Kettles are Definitely Safer!


There are a number of reasons why using an electric kettle is safer than other options. The first is standard automatic switch off. Unlike a stovetop or microwave, most modern electric kettles are equipped with a mechanism that stops the boiling process as soon as it reaches peak bubbling. This means no spillage, no over-boiling, no potential for hot water to come streaming out the top of your kettle. Electric kettles also avoid the challenge of open flames on gas burners, and many are now being built with cool touch technology or thermo-insulated handles that avoid any nasty burns coming from a distracted operation.


Your Tea and Coffee will Taste That Much Better!


When you use a microwave or stovetop to boil water, you never quite know for sure what the result will be. Scalding? Frigid? Somewhere in between? Unless you’re equipped with a thermometer, it’s next to impossible to achieve that perfect temperature. This becomes especially true when you understand that different drinks have unique, optimum temperatures. Well the time has come for you to stop guessing. No more burnt mouths or lukewarm tea. Modern electric kettles come equipped with in-unit temperature controls, meaning that you can select the one that’s right for you! Many even allow for personalized settings, so if you and your partner have individual preferences, both can have the temperature of hot water that you most enjoy.


Electric kettles are the way of the future. Whether it’s the induction rod from above, or fancy new kettles that are Wi-Fi enabled, all the latest advances are coming to the electric enabled variety of water boiling appliances. We can’t wait to see what comes next.


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