The VAVA Dash and Usability: Staying Safe on the Road Made Easy



Some dash cams are just hard to use, and not everybody was born tech-savvy. In a time where mobile devices, home appliances, and even vehicles are labelled as smart, the real smartness lies in adjusting to the users’ needs while minimizing any learning curve on their side. This principle applies to car DVR as well.

The VAVA Dash appeals to drivers who look for an advanced car camera that’s easy to install and operate in addition to coming with a vast range of functionalities.

Read on to find out how the VAVA Dash features a user-friendly construction on both the outside and the inside.


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On the Outside: Intuitive Interface




Easy to Install


The VAVA Dash features a user-friendly physical interface in terms of both installation and operation.


The car dash’s setup takes barely a few minutes. It suffices to connect the included USB cable to the VAVA Dash, run it along the windshield while tucking it below the isolating rubber margin, and plug the other end into a car charger (or powerbank).


No drivers / software installation is required and the car DVR connects wireless to the dedicated camera app via Wi-Fi.

Check out our blog “The VAVA Dash: Keep Pictures and Videos Organized with the Dedicated Camera App” for further details on how the dedicated camera app works.


The car camera’s suction cup, besides being wide and flat in order to allow only the minimum, necessary amount of air in, is controlled via a built-in button that squeezes it into place for a firm grip. The button sits flat on the front side of the dash cam’s support arm and, while being fully accessible, keeps a low profile that blends perfectly in with the sleek design of the VAVA Dash.



Easy to Use


The VAVA Dash comes with no power button whatsoever: it automatically turns on when you start your car and powers off when you arrive at destination and stop the engine (unless connected to an external powerbank that’ll keep it running even when the car is off).


In order to provide the drivers with the extra versatility mono-directional car cameras are lacking, the VAVA Dash spins up to 360 degrees thanks to its ball-joint construction. In this regards, the dash cam features a grippy, textured design that allows you to seamlessly rotate it one-handedly when needed.



Easy to Clean and Understand


The car camera’s sleek, yet sturdy, ABS + PC build sports a matte black finish that won’t attract fingerprints and smudges so that the VAVA Dash will look just as new even after months of use.


While providing the users with a wide range of functionalities, the VAVA Dash is easy to operate and allows the drivers to understand what’s going on by simply glancing at the dual built-in LED indicators.


The green / red LED indicator will:

  • blink green / red while recording footage;
  • flash red to signal an error occurring with the TF card;
  • turn green when a snapshot is successfully taken.


On the other hand, the white LED will be ON when the car camera is successfully connected to Wi-Fi and OFF when there is no Wi-Fi connection.



On the Inside: Built-In Safeguards


In order to further simplify the car DVR’s usage, the VAVA Dash features a series of built-in short circuit safeguards that’ll prevent issues in terms of usability as well as any possible hazard on a driving level.



What’s a Short Circuit?


A short circuit is a low resistance connection between the two conductors that supply electrical power to a circuit. The low resistance will trigger an excessive current flow to the power source. The risk, besides the malfunctioning of the devices itself, is that the power source will be severely damaged / explode – along with all the hazards this may bring.



How Do Short Circuit Safeguards Protect You and Your Device?


In case of low resistance, VAVA has implemented their car camera with a series of circuit breakers that’ll handle the excess in current flow and prevent any potential harm to both device and user.

By activating within microseconds from the occurrence of a decrease in resistance, the circuit breaker will interrupt the fault current before this hits and permanently damages the power source.


How does that translate to the average user that might not know exactly what’s going on in an equipment’s circuitry?  In a nutshell, the VAVA Dash takes all needed measures to deliver a safer car DVR experience that’ll provide the drivers with a little more confidence and a little less worries while driving.



On the Side: Extra Gadgets for Extra Functionality

Integrated Powerbank


Unlike most car cameras that’ll simply stop working when the car is off, the VAVA Dash aims to provide the user with an extended usability by adding an integrated portable charger to the car DVR bundle.


While the VAVA Dash can be plugged onto the car’s own charger while driving, the users may decide to connect it to the powerbank once arrived at destination and turned the engine off.


By doing so, the dash cam will enter parking mode and keep running. In case of unexpected activity outside of the car, the G-sensor will wake up the VAVA Dash and have this record a 15-second footage.


Such functionality comes in helpful in those scenarios where, apart from gaining a little extra confidence behind the wheel, the drivers wish to benefit from added peace when the car is left unattended, too. Imagine coming back to your vehicle to be welcomed by an eye-soring dent on the side door. The VAVA Dash goes that extra mile by providing the user with a clear, HD footage of who has caused the damage and how.



Built-In Remote Control


The VAVA Dash ships with an integrated remote control in the form of a compact, tactile button. This securely sticks to the car’s steering by means of a 3M adhesive pad and allows the drivers to interact with the car camera while keeping focused on the road.


The VAVA Dash’s remote control provides the users with the ability of taking snapshots of all occurrences on the road, both outside and inside the car.

Read the blog “The VAVA Dash: How to Make a Travel Book out of your Car Rides” and find out how the steering wheel remote controller interacts with the dash cam’s companion app.



Improved functionality and an advanced technology should not come at the expense of an easy-to-use operation. The VAVA Dash caters to those drivers that wish to benefit from an all-around dash cam experience without having to spend an extended length of time learning and adjusting to a complex operating system and operation.

The VAVA Dash is designed with the user in mind and aims to bring car DVR to the masses in a format that’s easy to use and enjoy.


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