The VAVA Dash: Keep Pictures and Videos Organized with the Dedicated Camera App



In an era of smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart TVs, VAVA brings car DVR to the next level with a dedicated camera app that lets you control all functionalities of your dash cam directly from your smart devices.

The VAVA Dash app’s intuitive, user-friendly interface allows you to view your snapshots / recorded footage, sort these by category, and easily share them on social media directly from the app.

This gives the VAVA Dash an edge over more conventional car cameras that require you to manually take TF cards in and out to transfer your data.


The VAVA Dash will be a crowd-funded on Kickstarter starting January 17. Reserve it now at and be amongst the lucky, earliest backers who’ll get it for just $99.


How to Connect to the VAVA Dash via the Dedicated Camera App

The VAVA Dash Cam comes with a built-in single-chip 802.11n Wireless LAN (WLAN) network controller: the Realtek RTL8189ES-VB-CG. Thanks to its low power consumption functionality (Legacy Power Save) as well the built-in mechanisms to detect and suppress interference, this chipset is widely used in wireless car cameras, smart TVs, and a variety of high-throughput performance integrated wireless LAN devices.

Once the dash cam is turned on, this will emit a Wi-Fi signal that’ll allow you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone.


Depending on whether your device runs on iOS or Android, you will need to work your way to the Wi-Fi settings, turn on this functionality, and click onto VAVA WIFI amongst the available wireless networks.


Launch the dedicated car camera app on your smartphone and click onto the connect prompt in the upper half of the interface. The app will take a few seconds to verify the successful connection, fully configure, and the live feed of what’s being recorded by the VAVA Dash will display.



What Can I Do with the VAVA Dash App?


The VAVA Dash dedicated camera app provides plenty of functionalities to further simplify the car camera’s use and operation. Its intuitive interface is easy to understand so that even the less tech-savvy users will find their way around.


The Live Feed that shows on your homepage will let you view exactly what’s happening outside / inside your car so that you can easily capture snapshots or videos via the two integrated snapshot and video capture buttons respectively.


All pictures and footage will be neatly arranged by date in the built-in Media Gallery so that you’ll know exactly where to look for to retrieve one specific file, or simply to review the funny shots you took on your latest road trip.


The app’s Travel Log functionality relies on the VAVA Dash’s built-in GPS technology to track your itinerary from when you start the car until you arrive to your destination and turn it off. Those drivers that are mindful of the ever-rising price of petrol will be provided with the accurate kilometers the car has run. This’ll help them choose one route over another to save up on the gas.


Ultimately, the Driving Journal function allows users to build their own road journal by adding pictures, recordings, and even notes to a specific itinerary. This’ll let you turn all your car rides into social media proof presentations to share with family and friends.



What’s the Advantage over Using the Smartphone’s Built-In Camera


When it comes to sharing and transferring data, the VAVA Dash camera app proves itself an essential addition to your car camera bundle. Instead of taking up your smartphone’s storage like the built-in camera would, the VAVA Dash app stores all data online and lets you download only the snapshots and footage you choose to. These will be securely transferred over Wi-Fi without having to take the car camera’s TF card in and out.


All pictures and videos can be easily shared directly from the app and you won’t need to download them to your smartphone first. This gives you direct access to major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.


Besides coming with some industry-leading hardware, such as a SONY IMX291 CMOS sensor, a built-in 802.11n Wireless LAN (WLAN) network controller, and even a powerbank to keep it running when the engine is off, VAVA goes that extra mile with a fully compatible, dedicated camera app.

The VAVA Dash app works with both iOS and Android devices and allows you to get the most out of car DVR directly from your smartphone.

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