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Here are Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Laptop Stand Right Now!


Nearly every office and coffee shop worker these days, especially in the coworking / start up world, uses a laptop computer. Modern laptops actually originate from a 1981 portable computer called the Osborne 1, which at the time weighed 25 pounds, had a 5-inch screen, and cost a whopping $1800.00. Although prices may not have decreased all that much over the last 40 years, the software and hardware that make up your laptop certainly have.

But while laptops bring with them the freedom to move about, flexibility of work location, speed and ease of use, the parades of office hunchbacks using them every day has caused a number of other issues. In particular, health issues are common from repeated use of computers, from eyestrain and neck pain to posture problems. Thankfully, there’s an convenient and affordable solution to ease this stress: a laptop stand! Here are 10 reasons why you should be using one right now.


The Top 10 Best Reasons for Using a Laptop Stand

Better Ergonomics: At its most basic, an ergonomic device is something that helps create both efficiency and comfort. For laptops, this means reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury, which happens when you do something mundane like typing on a keyboard over and over again. A laptop stand will raise your notebook screen to eye level, preventing strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective. Ergonomics is why university students can be found in libraries using laptops elevated by mountains of textbooks. When you’re using an external monitor, a laptop stand will also equalize your notebook’s elevation, making multitasking far easier.

Comfort While Typing: If your average data entry clerk is doing 40 to 50 keystrokes a minute, 8 hours a day, you can imagine how much time you spend in your own life typing. Most tables and surfaces, however, aren’t designed with this in mind. If you’re a regular user, your laptop should be at eye level, allowing your back to be straight and your elbows bent at a comfortable 90 degrees. With a laptop stand, you can adjust how your body is positioned to your computer for the perfect work experience.

Adjustable Angle: Of course, the entire point of a functional laptop stand is being able to adjust angles, heights, and distances of your device to your body. In a 2015 survey, it was revealed that nearly 65% of American adults suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, or eye strain caused by digital screens. It’s prompted all sorts of gimmick items to be sold to weary office workers, like computer-specific glasses. Ignore the rest and go for a laptop stand. By adjusting your computer’s angle, you can reduce screen glare and protect the health of your eyes.



Improves Airflow: Keeping your laptop cool is critical for maintaining its longevity. Heat, generally speaking, is the enemy of electronics. It’s why computers have built in fans. One of the most pervasive sources of heat comes from the inability for air to flow underneath your laptop. Laptop stands solve this problem by elevating the device so as to encourage airflow. Some even come with additional fans built in! Not only does it protect your computer’s internal components, but also your body from potential burns.

Organize Those Cables: Tech support deals with a lot of horrible computer related incidents. But the regularity at which they have to wade through the horrors of a poorly organized server room, with cables swinging like vines in the jungle, is enough to make anyone go crazy. At home, proper cable management means ease of access and less strain on plugs and devices. Laptop stands are fantastic for this purpose – route your cables underneath to keep your room, office, and desk both neat and tidy.

Reduce Clutter: Laptop stands are pretty amazing when it comes to reducing clutter. While the cheapest ones will lift your notebook off of a desk, many also come with additional storage spaces. So, if you’re really into keeping things clean on your desk, a laptop stand can offer a place to keep your keyboard and mouse that isn’t having them strewn over your desk. Impress your friends with your cleanliness simply by picking up a laptop stand.

Boost Productivity and Metabolism: Standing while working has an incredible number of benefits. Studies show that it can reduce your risk of weight gain and obesity, burning on average 170 extra calories than you would while sitting. Others say that it can help lower blood sugar levels and the chance of developing heart disease. They help improve your mood, boost energy levels, reduce back pain, and augment productivity. All in all, you should be standing at work, at least for a couple hours every day. With a laptop stand, you can do just that, raising your notebook to a height where you can comfortably type while on your feet.



Freedom to Relocate: One of the primary reasons why you own a laptop is portability. Whether it’s your local espresso filled coffee shop, or some gorgeous beach in the South Pacific, laptops allow for work on the move. But working without a desk or table can get uncomfortable fast, especially for those picking up and relocating all the time. Thankfully, laptop stands are portable. Just pack it away and bring all of its benefits with you wherever you go.

Some Handy Extra Features: Did you honestly think that in this day and age, industry would be satisfied with a simple laptop stand? Like everything else we do, humanity has decided that the lowly laptop stand needs to be augmented with a ton of neat features. Some products include a slot for charging your cellphone or a wireless pad. Others have extra USB ports to prevent your laptop from becoming home to a million extra dongles. Shelves that double as TV trays. Drawers. The list goes on.

Flexibility of Use: Your laptop stand doesn’t just lend itself for use by a computer. They are versatile at-home and in-the-office items that can do a whole host of other tasks. Want to read a book in bed without having to uncomfortably hold up your arms? There’s a laptop stand for that! How about using a tablet in the family room? Save your energy and get a laptop stand. Swiss army knives don’t have anything on the utility of a laptop stand.



For very little investment, you can dramatically improve your work life with a laptop stand. Even if used infrequently, it’s worth it. The time is now to make a significant difference in your performance and overall health when using a laptop.

VAVA can help you out with our very own laptop stands. Our stands, the VA-SH001 and VA-SH002 come with 5 adjustable height levels, the perfect viewing angles, anti-slip silicon pads, cable organizers, and the strength to hold even the heaviest laptops.


How has a laptop stand changed the way you work? Tell us in the comments below.

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