It doesn’t matter what occupation you are. Whether you’re an A-list celebrity, or a struggling artist – the unconditional support of your momma can give you the strength to accomplish anything! The following musicians are giving big ups to the inspiring women in their lives through these classic pop and hip-hop singles. This Mother’s day, show your mom some love by playing her these beautiful (and sometimes hilarious) hits!

Meghan Trainor – “Mom”

“No” and “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor has racked up quite a few accolades since her 2014 debut.  In these two years alone, the pop songstress has already received a Grammy Award for Best New Artist and two Billboard Music Awards. On her newest album, Meghan’s mother Kelli Trainor features on the super sweet song “Mom”.


Drake – “Look What You’ve Done”

In “Look What You’ve Done” from his second studio album, Drake tells us of the trials and tribulations behind his claim to fame (even referencing his Degrassi acting days) and how accomplished he feels finally giving back to his mom – “checks bounce but we bounce back/ I put all the money in your accounts back.”


Backstreet Boys – “The Perfect Fan”

Oh boy bands. Some of us think we’re a hardcore One Direction-er because we know their favorite restaurants and pet peeves – information we could all learn just from picking up an issue of “J-14”. No, the real fanclub president goes to the ladies who’ve been here since the beginning…literally. The boy band sensation Backstreet Boys recognized this in their single “The Perfect Fan”, of which they sweetly dedicated to their moms.


Christina Aguilera – “Oh Mother”

Not all “mom” songs are about the support women have for their child’s career. Some get real personal about issues mothers are facing in their marital life. In “Oh Mother,” The Voice host and former pop princess Christina Aguilera takes us through the story of how her mother left an abusive relationship with their father – affirming that Christina and her brother are “stronger from all the tears you have shed.”

Beyoncé – “Ring Off”

Talk of Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade is hard to escape on the interwebs these days. The buzz is well deserved, and the Queen is sending all her Beyhive fans in a frenzy. But let’s not forget her FIRST visual album, with hits like “Pretty Hurts” and the song “Ring Off” – a personal track that pre-cursored the hugely personal album “Lemonade.” In “Ring Off,” Beyoncé tells her mother Tina Knowles that she understood the difficulty in leaving her father/former manager Mathew Knowles (Mathew is notorious for cheating on Tina Knowles and fathering children to multiple women).

The Beatles – “Let It Be”

The “Mother Mary” of which The Beatles sing about actually came to Paul McCartney in a dream. No, it wasn’t the “Virgin Mary” but Paul’s actual mother, Mary, who died when he was just a young teen. Inspired by her otherworldly appearance, Paul wrote a song about how life works itself out if we just “Let It Be.”

Kanye West – “Hey Mama”

Despite Kanye’s confusing antics over the years (being dubbed the genius “Villain” in today’s music world and constantly beefing with musicians like Taylor Swift and Wiz Khalifa) – he undoubtedly had a soft spot for his late mother (Donda West passed away in 2007 after complications during surgery). “Hey Mama”, from Kanye’s sophomore album Late Registration hears him beautifully comparing his mother to other strong women – “can’t you see, you’re like a book of poetry/ Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, turn one page and there’s my mommy.”

Fountains of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom”

Although not the most sweet or appropriate “mom” song, Fountains of Wayne made an infamous dedication to all the hot mamas out there who definitely still “got it going on.”

2pac – “Dear Mama”

With a new biographical movie in the works, and a hologram appearance at this year’s Coachella, Tupac articles have been popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, this week’s Tupac related news are about the recent death of Shakur’s mother, political activist Afeni Shakur.  Listen to “Dear Mama”, one of the late rapper’s most beloved songs.

Justin Bieber – “Turn To You”

Before Justin Bieber was egging homes, getting roasted on Comedy central, and apologizing for his antics to Ellen Degeneres, little Biebs made a song about his former mom-ager Pattie Mallete. Although their current relationship is known to be rocky, “Turn To You” details the work Pattie put into raising him as a single mother.

Jimi Hendrix – “Angel”

A few years before his mother died, rocker and famed guitarist Jimi Hendrix dreamt that Lucille Hendrix visited him to bid him farewell. This experience would inspire the song “Angel” and is included in many of his greatest compilation albums.

LL Cool J – “Mama Said Knock You Out”

Mama knows what’s best right? The story behind one of LL Cool J’s greatest hits doesn’t actually involve his mother, but was a reference to his hugely supportive grandmother. When critics were commenting on LL’s washed up career, his grandmother told him what any supportive person would say – ignore the haters and “just knock them out”!

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