PARENT-normal Activity: Hilariously Terrifying Moments That Parents Have Caught on Their Baby Monitors

Parenthood is full of unexpected moments…sometimes you catch them, and other times your baby monitor does for you. From capturing adorable interactions between siblings, to trying your hardest not to laugh at a perfectly positioned stuffed animal at your little one’s side, we’ve put together some of our favorite baby moments caught on film….because, during times like these, we all deserve something to laugh about.

Baby is in the Eyes of the Beholder

When shopping for a baby monitor, one of the most important features you should take into account is the video quality…especially true when it comes to that night vision display. For mom Elise Bannister, this sentiment held particularly true when getting a bit more than she bargained for back in the Fall of 2019. After waking up in the middle of the night to check on her little one, she was startled to discover that her prized possession was looking a bit more like she was under a demonic possession instead! With glowing eyes illuminated by the grainy night vision display, she couldn’t help but share the picture with friends. However, she hardly expected for it to go viral before the end of the weekend. But perhaps, even funnier than the picture itself were audiences’ responses, many of which included their own hilarious, yet terrifying moments caught on a baby monitor. Needless to say, we wouldn’t be surprised if Elise decided it was time to haunt…*ahem*…hunt down a camera equipped with more of a sophisticated night vision.  (link to VAVA product page with display info)

From Sleepy, to Creepy

We’ve all experienced a moment or two when our eyes have played tricks on us…shadows that look like people, cakes that looks healthy (sorry, maybe that’s just me).  And while we can typically adjust our eyes within a matter of seconds to dispel what it is we thought we saw…. seeing something on a baby cam sometimes takes a bit more investigating to clear up.

Shortly after putting her little one to bed, a Chicago-mom was frightened to discover what seemed to be a ghost baby cradled next to her little one.  With her husband at work, she was left to muster up the courage…as well as a flashlight…to take a closer look. However, when she was unable to determine what it could possibly be, she retired from her brief stint as a ghostbuster and went to bed, but not before posting a snap of the mysterious illusion on social media first. The next morning, it turned out that her friends were just as curious to discover what this figment was …and if she actually did capture a ghost on her baby monitor.

Well, after further investigation her ghost hunt soon came to a close. After removing the bed sheet, it revealed that her husband forgot to remove the tag featuring a baby’s face from off the top of the mattress. Needless to say, this mom was relieved that rather than capturing paranormal activity, it was just some parent-normal activity instead.

From Twin Talk to Two-Way Talk

The two-way talk system continues to serve as a great way for parents to offer little ones a sense of security even when outside of the room. However, it sometimes boasts a range of purposes as much for your little one as it does for you. Check out this video that captures a set of twins hilariously responding to their mom’s second set of eyes.

What Happens When You Capture Quaran-twins Discussing the Quarantine

Upon checking her baby monitor, this Alabama mom expected to find her little ones in a deep sleep, and not so much a deep discussion. Fueled by no shortage of media reports focused around the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Megan Sanchez posted a video of her two sons engrossed in a hilarious conversation about being in quarantine…or as, they referred to it, quarantines. Inspired to fight germs with a good old-fashioned pillow fight instead, this heart-warming moment is perhaps the perfect amount of cuteness that we could all use right about now.   

Looks Like the Cat’s out of the Bag

It seems this little one wasn’t quite ‘feline’ his bedtime, as suggested by this adorable video capturing him deep in conversation with…yup, his cat! The 18-month old exchanged “meows” during his late-night chat… or should we say late night cat. Not too sure what the conversation translates to exactly; but we’re guessing it has something to do with ‘goodnight.’

Monitor the Cuteness

There’s no shortage of hilarious, adorable, and yes, sometimes creepy moments that parents have captured on their baby monitors. While VAVA’s sophisticated baby cameras are designed to give parents a sense of security, it’s can’t hurt to give them a little bit of a laugh, too.

We’d love to hear about the funniest moments you’ve captured on your VAVA baby camera! Reach out with your favorite moments for a chance to be featured!

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