Natural Disasters Caught on Dash Cam

Although this probably goes without saying, driving through a natural disaster is strongly discouraged. However, some storms and natural disasters come out of nowhere and it’s not always possible to find shelter quickly enough.

We see the destruction caused by natural disasters on the news and in documentaries. But, seeing the raw footage from a dash cam makes us feel closer to the action. It makes the event feel more real.

Here, we’re sharing natural disasters caught on dash cam. Some are intense right from the start. Others have a slow build – adding to the suspense. From tornadoes to blizzards, mother nature consistently lets us know who’s boss.

Tornadoes Caught on Dash Cam

Reminiscent of the movie “Twister,” this dash cam footage caught by a Newcastle police officer is truly unbelievable. Skip a minute into the clip to see the tornado in its full form and just try to look away.

Can you imagine calmly sitting in your car while this powerful, unpredictable wind tunnel barrels across the road in front of you?

Or, what if you’re driving as a tornado passes over you? This dash cam footage captures a tornado lifting another car and dragging it away in an epic show of nature’s power. Somehow, the other driver manages to escape seemingly unharmed. But wow – what a video!

Earthquake Caught on Dash Cam

Cities that lie on major fault lines like San Francisco and most of Japan are susceptible to earthquakes. Some are barely felt, while others cause mass destruction.

This earthquake compilation video includes dash cam footage to give viewers a sense of what it’s like to experience an earthquake first-hand. Earthquakes are one of the scariest natural disasters since, like tornadoes, they’re unpredictable.

Tsunami Caught on Dash Cam

The Japanese, especially, know that when an earthquake hits, it’s time to head to higher ground. This dash cam video captures not only an earthquake but the tsunami that followed.

As you’ll see, some people chose to stay in their vehicles as the waters rushed into the city, using them as makeshift boats. Others decide to leave their cars and make a run for it.

While footage of a tsunami is undoubtedly captivating, it’s easy to forget that these natural disasters are completely devastating as well. Putting yourself in their shoes is enough to sympathize with what happened in Japan back in 2011.

Wildfires Caught on Dash Cam

In heavily wooded areas, the dry season often means wildfires. We’ve seen how these blazes have caused utter destruction in places like California and Australia, with some wildfire seasons far worse than others.

Whether residents are evacuating or neighbors are caught in stressful traffic, some dash cam footage has surfaced that captures these stunning yet horrifying wildfires.

Landslides Caught on Dash Cam

Mountainous regions are subjected to landslides and mudslides. Heavy rains and earthquakes can loosen the top layer of soil causing the land to literally slide down the mountain, taking boulders and massive piles of dirt along with it.

Landslides can happen unexpectedly, just like what you’ll see in these landslide dash cam videos. A huge rock barely misses a white car in this first clip while a multi-car pile-up results in the second bit of footage.

Both videos are from areas in Asia where much of the coastal regions have large mountains and rolling hills. Perhaps just another reason not to drive through inclement weather if you can avoid it.

Blizzard Caught on Dash Cam

You definitely don’t want to get caught in a blizzard while driving. With so much snow and wind, you’ll barely be able to see two feet in front of you.

Although blizzards are typically less destructive than some of the other natural disasters we’ve seen caught on dash cam, they’re still interesting to see from the inside. Even if it’s summer where you are, this video might give you a chill!

Hurricane Caught on Dash Cam

From Hurricane Katrina’s unimaginable effect on the Gulf in 2005 to Hurricane Maria destroying most of Puerto Rico in 2017, everyone around the world knows how devasting hurricanes can be.

Although powerful hurricanes are inevitable in some areas of the world, meteorologists are able to predict their landfall more precisely than they can predict other kinds of storms. The accuracy isn’t always spot on, but Caribbean residents and Floridians, for example, often have time to prepare.

The point is, if you’re out in your car during a hurricane, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. Hence why there’s not a lot of epic hurricane footage captured by dash cams. However, some people are crazy enough to drive through a hurricane. They film it, too.

High-speed winds and buckets of rain are the trademarks of a hurricane and this dash cam video captures what things were like during Hurricane Florence in 2018. Let’s just say, we hope they at least put their shutters up before taking a drive.

Dash Cams See It All

Clearly, dash cams see a lot of craziness. From extreme road rage to epic natural disasters, your dash cam can capture all kinds of incidents.

The main reason why people get a dash cam is to protect themselves from insurance fraud. They might also use them as parking monitors to keep their vehicle safe while it’s unattended.

But, these days many dash cam owners choose to film vlogs and road trips with their dash cams. Not to mention, YouTube is filled with interesting dash cam compilations like these.

Check out our collection of VAVA dash cams and get yours today. You never know what kind of videos you’ll capture.

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