Baristas are magicians of modern society. They are able to take the inner beans of a gigantic, equatorial-grown pod and turn them into works of delicious art. They can take that breathtakingly long order for a double shot, half sweet, extra hot, extra foam, caramel macchiato and somehow turn it into a reality. But it isn’t just the beans that make a great cup of coffee. You also need brilliantly white, warm milk! And, the best part? You don’t need to buy a fancy coffee shop machine to get that frothed and foamed deliciousness for on top of your latte, café-au-lait, or other coffee-related beverage. If you aren’t yet convinced, let us go through our five favorite reasons why you should invest in a milk frother.


It Improves Taste!


Yes, really. It’s all about the lactose. The best way to understand it is that lactose is milk’s sugar. But it isn’t particularly soluble, meaning that it doesn’t dissolve into liquid as well as other ingredients. When you introduce hot steam into milk, however, you are simultaneously increasing the solubility of the lactose, helping it mix and thereby increasing the sweetness of the liquid. So, just remember this formula: Milk + Steam = Sweeter Coffee without extra sugar.


There’s actually two methods for turning your milk into rich, airy, sit-on-top-of-your-coffee goodness. First, foamed or frothed milk is created by rapidly introducing air into the liquid to cause its separation into a milk layer and a thick foam layer. The result is a more dense top layer on your coffee that tastes closer to whipped cream than plain old milk. The second method is steaming, which more evenly exposes the milk to hot air, creating a uniform texture and flexible liquid called microfoam needed to create those fancy pictures and designs. Normally, at home frothers will work in the former category, and will help you get richer, sweeter tastes from your milk.


It Lets You Decide When and Where!


At some point, we’ve all been annoyed that we have to stand in a line full of angry, decaffeinated humans who each want their own special coffee order right that second. The local coffee shop can be a miserable place early in the morning. But with a coffee machine or French press, and your very own milk frother, those instances of near Thunderdome level anxiety from the unknown of when you and the dozens of people around you will get their drinks will be a thing of the past. Our suggestion? If you pick up a coffee machine with a programmable timer, you can have the hardest part of making it finished before you even wake up in the morning. Then, all you need to do is froth some ice cold milk and you can happily walk past the coffee shop with a smile on your face. No more rushing to work. It’s your favorite coffee, any time you want it!


It Saves You Money!


Every year, Americans spend between $12 billion and $40 billion USD on coffee. That’s more than the entire GDP of Albania! Some reports even say that American millennials are spending more money on coffee per year than their retirement savings. In addition, most people will have about 3 cups of coffee per day. If buying from a retail outlet, that will cost you $45 per work week or over $2000 per year! It’s safe to say we Americans love our coffee. But it’s time to start considering how to cut those costs! An at-home coffee machine and milk frother is a fantastic option. According to analysis, brewing coffee at home will cost you between 16 and 18 cents a cup, with a little bit more for that delicious milk.


It Gives You Control Over Ingredients!


Owning your own milk frother isn’t just about saving money or time – it’s also an insurance policy for your health. What we mean by this is by controlling what is frothed and when, you’re able to maintain complete oversight on what you’re drinking. You buy the milk you want to drink, including lactose free and organic options. You determine how much you want to have with your coffee. No more one size fits all from the coffee shop. You don’t have to waste $5 to try out different combinations and variants of milk and coffee, only to toss it out because you aren’t a fan. Just like when you learn to cook, you’re suddenly able to know and control exactly what goes into every, single dish, the same is true for making coffee in your kitchen. Never will you have to guess the contents of your favorite coffee-based drink again!


It Turns You into a Superstar Barista!


Okay, so maybe you won’t have your own reality TV show the second you buy a milk frother, but with a little practice, you can probably impress your friends. As of 2013, some 83% of Americans drank coffee regularly, so you can bet that you know a few people who are in the same boat as you: looking to save money; wanting more control over what they consume; and, sick of waiting in café lines. Even without the skills to draw the Mona Lisa in foam at home, helping others avoid the daily coffee grind will make you a superstar in their eyes.


Coffee helps fuel the incredible work that goes on at VAVA, but we love to make it ourselves. And with your own milk frother, you too can always count on a great, hot beverage being available at any time you want.


Tell us in the comments below about your absolute favorite coffee experiences!