Life of Dillon Tells VAVA Why Pursuing Your Passions Can Move You Across Continents

Let’s kick off the last weekend of Coachella Valley Music Festival with our favorite, electro-acoustic boys of summer! Life of Dillon sat down with us to talk about the song that brought them from the Queen’s land to the U.S., why their totally opposite music tastes makes them whole, and why they can’t wait for us to hear what’s been cooking in the studio.

Life of Dillon – “Overload”

Whether you’re bumpin’ songs on Spotify, dancing at a house-party, or browsing Youtube music videos– chances are you’ve heard of the uber popular song “Overload”. The debut single from Life of Dillon’s Prologue album is undoubtedly catchy, and although the boys are incredibly thankful for the song’s success – they’ve got a whole lot more in store. Let’s rewind at the start of this wild ride.

The faces behind English band LOD – that’s David Keiffer and Joe Griffith (Robert Griffith recently left to focus on music production) – have been besties since boarding school and involved in music for as long as they can remember. Despite coming from a musical family, Joe was en route to becoming a lawyer “to make [his] mum happy”, while David was busy taking industrial design engineering classes. What pushed them to pursue music seriously? David gave a word of advice:

“Figure out what you want to do by figuring out what you would do for free. You’ll do it a thousand times over and love it.”

Joe smiled and agreed:

“There’s a thousand other things you can do besides what you ‘think’ you should do – but people are just scared.”

These realizations would strip them from a traditional work path and have LOD perfecting their craft full-time. The hardest part was getting discovered.

For the longest time, David and Joe were writing songs for other artists while Robert was the man behind production. When “Overload” (a song they hadn’t intended to keep) fell into the hands of a major American label, the excitement behind the song catapulted them from the U.K. to the U.S. – not just as the songwriters behind the hit, but also as the stars.

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Life of Dillon with the VAVA Voom

After an awesome tour with “No” singer Meghan Trainor and becoming the first artists to be signed under Adam Alpert’s (manager of popular DJ duo Chainsmokers) label , the pair is currently working on an album they hope will be a more “true reflection” of Life of Dillon.

“David’s influences stem from artists like John Mayer and my favorite artist is Michael Jackson. David is more into country and rock and I’m more into R&B and soul. It’s really great that we have different music tastes and it makes for a well-rounded sound.”

VAVA can’t wait to hear this perfect combo of styles. To check out more music from Life of Dillon and follow their daily musings, peep them on social media at:

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