Currently, 4k laser projector has replaced TV and became a new star of the market, why should we choose 4k laser projector instead of old TV?there are 5 reasons in the following:

Is it worth getting a 4k laser projector?

Laser is the purest light source

The sunlight and electric light seem to be white, but when you let it pass through a prism, you can see the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and purple. It is because the various photons emitted by ordinary light sources are different in frequency and wavelength. Also, the photons contain various colors.

However, the laser emits the same photon frequency and wavelength. It is the simplest source of light. This monochromatic property of lasers has been widely used in clinical selective therapy, optical measurement and spectroscopy.

Laser has excellent directionality

The laser beam divergence angle is very small, almost a parallel light. If the laser is irradiated from the earth to the moon, the resulting spot is only about 1 km in diameter. However, the ordinary light is divergent. In order to concentrate ordinary light in a certain direction, people have developed concentrating equipment. Even using the best searchlight to illuminate the light from the earth to the moon, the spot will be expanded to more than 1000 kilometers in diameter.

According to geometric optics, the more parallel the beam, the smaller the size of the focal spot obtained by focusing. The laser has no dispersion aberration after focusing. The spot size is further reduced (up to the micron level) and can be used as a fine “scalpel” for cutting cells or molecules.

Laser has highly concentrated energy

The laser has good directionality. Its energy can be highly concentrated in a limited space which can lead to a rapid increase in local temperature. Strong lasers can even generate hundreds of millions of high temperature.

Laser’s high-energy property makes it easy to punch, cut and weld steel sheets in industrial production. In medical domain, it can be used to remove retinal coagulation and perform surgery. In mapping, the laser can measure the distance between the Earth and the Moon and geodetic measurements of the satellite. In the military field, the laser can be made into optical weapons that destroy enemy aircraft and missiles.

Laser is a very bright light source

The principle of laser TV composite images is similar to that of television.

The laser beam is swept from top to bottom and from left to right. Horizontal deflection (line scanning) is achieved by a multi-faceted rotating mirror in the projection head, and vertical deflection (frame scanning) is achieved by a tilting mirror.

There are three main ways to realize the laser light source of laser TV, including three primary color pure laser light source, fluorescent pink wheel plus blue laser, and LED plus blue laser hybrid light source.

Change of User Experience of Laser TV

Highest demand: screen calibration, connection to external devices

Medium demand: play peripheral files, play network video, product maintenance and cleaning

Minimum demand: switch convenience, volume/image adjustment, APP installation, etc. The UI interface is innovative, easy to use, and with surround sound.

Is it worth getting a 4k laser projector?

Compared with the 4k laser projector, the traditional projector’s viewing procedure is more complicated. It needs to lift the screen, open the projector, find the film source… whereas the 4k laser projector can meet the users’ expectation that enjoy the good audio-visual experience with simple operation, and the image quality is much more superior. These home users will be the mainstream customers of the current 4k laser projector.