Insane Car Crashes Caught on Dash Cam

In the modern age, we’ve gotten so used to driving cars. These days, it’s easy to forget that doing so can be extremely dangerous if we’re not careful. These insane car crashes caught on dashcam are evidence of that fact.

As you watch the following car accident complications, you’ll likely find yourself shaking your head, wondering how people can drive so carelessly. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to be more vigilant on the road to protect yourself and your loved ones.

So, without further ado, here are some of the craziest car crash compilations captured by dash cams. Beware: You may hear some foul language in these videos.

From Russia With Love

Dashcams first became popular in Russia. In a country known for its insurance corruption, drivers started using them to protect themselves from fraud well before the rest of the world caught on.

That’s why you’re likely to see a lot more dashcam compilation videos coming from Russia when compared to other parts of the globe. And this car crash footage is some of the most insane we’ve ever seen.

Close One, Mate!

This crazy car crash compilation comes to us from Down Under. Although you won’t see icy roads cause major accidents in Australia, there are plenty of close calls in this series of incidents caught on dashcam.

Although many of these crashes are far from a laughing matter, hearing the driver’s accents with their infamous Aussie slang does make this video more enjoyable. Still, even with a laid back culture, reckless drivers seem to be universal.

Skip to 1:25 for a particularly scary car crash that will make you think twice about speeding.

Was That On Purpose?!

Here, we have another insane car crash compilation. It’s amazing how these videos never cease to amaze us. Somehow, this one managed to get crazier and crazier.

You’ll see one driver with a vendetta. As an accident unfolds, it turns out, that it definitely wasn’t a mistake. You’ll see cars rolling in every direction imaginable. You’ll even see drivers going full speed in the wrong direction on the highway.

Some people blatantly attempt hit and runs – the victims of which were probably glad to have a dashcam that captured their license plate numbers. It’s footage you have to see to believe. Frankly, we’re shocked that nothing in this video exploded or caught on fire.

A Global Phenomenon

You can’t get even a minute into this compilation video without one of the most epic car crashes ever. From catapulting cars to machine guns, you should expect the unexpected when watching this dashcam compilation.

With videos from all around the world, it’s true that bad drivers aren’t relegated to one nation. It’s a global phenomenon. If this crazy crash video doesn’t make you want to become a safer driver, we don’t know what will.

It’s Gonna Blow!

Last but not least, this crazy car crash video hits us right out of the gate with a massive fireball. When a truck carrying gasoline or some kind of chemical collides with another 18-wheeler, an explosion is imminent.

So many of these insane wrecks happen in the blink of an eye. It’s impossible to see most of them coming. But, these crashes are no match for a dashcam that’s able to capture the wildest incidents.

Even if your car is the one that gets hit and takes a tumble, your dash cam can continue recording, capturing epic footage that your memory won’t be able to recall. Dash cams are objective and can help you piece together what exactly happened.

Again, most of this footage you’d have to see to believe. Even if you were there. By capturing video of the road ahead, or using your dashcam to film the road behind you (or both), you’ll make sure you have proof of what went down.

Millions of Views

As you watch these insane car crashes caught on dashcam, you’ll see than these compilations have tens of millions of views on YouTube. Why are we so taken by car accidents?

It seems that car crashes give us that “can’t look away” response. This response is often responsible for extreme backups in traffic when there’s a car accident on the road. Sure, it’s the law to slow down when emergency vehicles are in the area. But the traffic is largely caused by rubber-necking onlookers.

Perhaps it’s an evolutionary response to help us understand the dangers in our environment so we can learn from them in our own lives. Maybe it’s just curiosity as we attempt to figure out what happened.

Regardless, it’s clear that there are some crazy drivers out there and no one wants to be in a situation like the ones we’ve seen in these videos.

Owning a Dash Cam

If you made it through all these car crash compilations, bravo. They can become pretty hard to watch. But, we hope that by sharing them we inspire you to avoid distracted driving.

From turning off cell phones to refusing to drive while drowsy, there’s a lot we can do to be better drivers. Another way to protect yourself on the road is by owning a dashcam.

Car insurers appreciate dashcam footage as it helps them figure out what happened and who’s at fault for accidents. VAVA dash cams also feature night vision and parking monitors that keep your vehicle safe even while it’s parked and unattended.

Dashcams are becoming a common car gadget and countless drivers are experiencing the positive benefits of owning one. Check out our collection of VAVA dashcams and explore your options for protecting your vehicle.

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