Whether you’re living in a hot, desert climate, or just a dry basement apartment, making sure you have proper moisture levels in the air around you is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. It’s normally recommended that you keep a humidity level of between 30% to 50% in your home. One of the best, most affordable ways to do just that is by investing in a portable humidifier. As you might be able to guess from the name, humidifiers work by evaporating water and pushing it out into the air, adding moisture and helping to reduce and prevent dryness.


On a more technical level, humidifiers work in different ways, depending on your make and model. For example, evaporative humidifiers will use a fan to pull air into its system, infuse it with moisture, and then use the same fan to push it right back out. Impeller models use a series of rotating disks to achieve a similar result, while steam vaporizers heat the water to create a mist. No matter the process, however, portable humidifiers can be used in a range of spaces and places. At home, in the office, at the gym or even in your car, humidifiers are an easy tool for better living.



But what exactly can they do for you? Well… here’s just a short list:


  • Reduce risk of infection: When it comes to respiratory infections, dry air is your enemy. It’s like a speedway directly into your lungs. But, if the air around it is at optimal humidity, viruses slow right down, to the point of being deactivated. It’s one of the reasons why in the winter months, you’re more likely to catch a cold or the flu when being indoors – a lack of humidity means easy travel for all those nasty bugs.
  • Relieves Sinusitis: Sinusitis, or stuffy nose, is one of the more annoying sicknesses we can have. Perpetually blowing into tissues and feeling pressure in your nose really tests one’s patience. But, a humidifier can help by making sure your nose is properly moisturized on the inside, making it easier for your sinuses to drain by making your mucus thin and less sticky.
  • Help Relieve Colds: Just like with sinusitis, a humidifier used appropriately can help limit the symptoms of a bad head cold by reducing pressure and thinning mucus. With the average American suffering from between 2-4 colds per year, we know that anything to help you get back on your feet faster is a welcome sight.
  • Stops Bloody Noses: Most of us will experience a nose bleed at least once in our lives. Although not normally serious, they can be a bit nerve racking. Using a humidifier can help with this in a couple ways. First, by making sure your nose isn’t dry and cracked, you lessen the chance of it happening in the first place. Second, cold mist helps restrict blood vessels in the nose and help you stop an episode faster.
  • Alleviates Snoring: As a species, a cure for snoring is something of an El Dorado. We haven’t found one just yet. But humidifiers can actually help. If snoring is caused by allergens or viruses in the air, humidifiers will work to keep them away from your nose by forcing them onto the ground. It won’t end snoring but it might lessen its effects.


  • Combats Dry Cough: Just like when your lips are exposed to too much dryness, requiring you to pull out the lip balm, so do our throats and lungs get irritated. This is often due to overexposure to dry air, causing a nagging cough. Humidifiers help by removing some of that dryness, eliminating the source of the problem so that you can breathe easy.
  • Soothes Dry Skin: We humans, despite all the changes our bodies have gone through over the millennia, have a terrible time with our skin. We lather ourselves with moisturizing to prevent our skin from cracking and bleeding. Again, humidifiers to the rescue. By adding water to the air, our skin cells are less prone to shrivelling up, relieving pain and preventing cracking.
  • Helps Cure Cracked Lips: Lips are a sensitive part of our bodies. When they get hurt, it can feel like the end of the world. Just like with dry cough and rough skin, especially in the winter, humidifiers can support the work of your lip balm and protect your lips from cracking and bleeding.
  • Improves Sleep: All of the above, taken together, means a better night sleep. And sleep is important! Nearly 40% of Americans said in 2013 that they were getting less than the recommended amount of sleep. This is likely due to a range of reasons, including coughs, snoring, sleep apnea, and other dry-air related conditions. By ensuring the world around you is properly moisturized thanks to a humidifier, you’ll sleep more soundly than ever before.
  • Makes Houseplants Healthier: Although plants get a lot of what they drink from the ground around them, they tend to lose that moisture as they breathe through their pores, especially when the air around them is dry. It ultimately causes leaves and flowers to curl, brown, and fall off. Keeping a humidifier close to your plants will help them live long and happy days.


It’s truly remarkable how much a small, portable household appliance like a humidifier can impact our lives. And as technology keeps getting better, and prices keep dropping, there’s no reason not to invest in this fantastic device.


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