Funniest Incidents Caught on Dash Cam

You probably bought your dashcam for a few reasons – namely, insurance fraud protection and to keep your car secure in the parking garage. However, you’ll be delighted to know that your dashcam can capture so much more.

From crazy incidents to unbelievable road rage, dash cams see it all. But, just as often, dash cams capture hilarious footage, too.

Here, we’re sharing the funniest dashcam videos we could find. From people in costumes to epic fails, these clips will make your day.

Boogie Fever

Most of us love to blast our favorite song while driving every once and a while. Especially when driving late at night on your own. But have you ever had a complete stranger join you in your jam session?

This woman captured a funny incident on her dashcam when a man, clearly enjoying her song choice, started busting a move while she sat at a red light. Her headlights do seem to make the perfect stage.

Shake It Off

We all know the Taylor Swift hit “Shake It Off.” But what if you were caught singing along a little too well? That’s exactly what happened to Dover Police Officers when their cabin dash cams caught them feeling the T. Swift vibes.

These days, most police cars are equipped with dual dash cams that see both outside the windshield and inside the cabin. It’s mostly a protective measure for both officers and the public, but occasionally, we get hilarious footage like this.

Classic Compilations

This next compilation comes from Russia where dash cams are incredibly popular. There are a few clips that seem utterly painful, but somewhat funny as long as no one was hurt. But when there’s a guy standing on a dumpster in the middle of the road, you can’t help but laugh.

Our last compilation video to make the list is essentially a bunch of epic fails caught on dashcam. It’s not that the people in the clips are trying to be silly. Allow us to explain.

Fail videos are incredibly funny, so long as no one gets seriously hurt. Be honest – it’s tough not to giggle when someone slips on ice or loses their balance on a bike.

Even if they don’t fall down, watching them regain their composure, check if anyone was around to see, and pretend as if nothing happened is amazing to watch. Human nature in action is some of the best comedy out there.

Enjoying the Walk to School

Clearly, this little girl loves attention. It seems like she enjoys making her parents laugh and will do anything to be in the spotlight. Even what seems like an average walk to school becomes an opportunity to have all eyes on her.

We’re not sure whether or not she knows about the dashcam, but that clearly doesn’t stop her from busting a move. Let’s all channel this little girl’s energy the next time we’re on the way to work or school. You go, girl!

And All That Jazz

You don’t need to be a musical theater nerd to think this dashcam video is hilarious. Here we have Colin O’Leary using a cabin-view dash cam to record renditions of famous Broadway show tunes, complete with lipsyncing, costume changes, and comedic timing.

But what really makes this video so hilarious is his mom. She’s in the car the whole time and maintains an amazing poker face. Anyone who’s a parent knows that your kids will do weird things in the car. And you’ve probably gotten good at just ignoring it.

It’s just another day in the life of being a mom, right?

Between Colin’s entertaining performance and that all too real experience of life as a parent, it’s a wonderful cocktail of fun that’s definitely worth the watch. Don’t forget to watch Act II as well.

Even though dash cams are great at protecting you from insurance fraud and keeping your car secure even while parked, it’s clear from these videos that they can also be used in fun ways to make people laugh, often without even trying.

Whether you capture a chance event that you’re convinced could win America’s Funniest Home Videos or you decide to record yourself performing a Broadway show from the passenger seat of your car, the sky’s the limit when it comes to dashcams and what you can capture.

At VAVA, we offer dash cams that film both inside and outside the car, as well as traditional models that keep the camera on the road. Check out the full range of VAVA dash cams to find the one that suits you and your needs.

With the ability to take funny videos like these and so much more, we can’t wait to see what crazy footage you capture with your dashcam.

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