Elysium: 2016 Mixathon48 Winner

The Mixathon48 competition sees entries from all over the global music sphere, pushing artists to flex their music chops and creativity for a chance to win awesome prizes ( *cough cough* VAVA Voom anyone? ) and gain some much deserved recognition. This year’s battle for DJ street cred ended in an exciting win for the Czech Republic DJ Elysium (real name Jonasz Baran).


Elysium grew up in a small Polish town of 30,000 inhabitants before moving with his mom to the Czech Republic at 13. Because his social circle wasn’t large, Elysium began listening to music every single day. What started as a distraction soon became a hobby (and challenge) in music production.


Elysium! What three pieces of music equipment can you absolutely not live without?

My Yamaha HS8, AKG K701 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

What were a couple DJ names that you thought of besides “Elysium

There were many of them. I don’t even remember haha.

If you could work with any artist/group from all time (past or present) who would you want to work with?

Kill The Noise

What are your 5 favorite music tracks this month?

Thomas Hayden, Mr.Saccardo – Burn (ft. Elly Ray) (Enthic FLIP)
Faytal – Parallel Ookay – Back Again
Borgeous and TyDi – Wanna Loose You (Ryos Remix)
Codeko feat. RAPHAELLA – Walking With Lions

What’s the biggest differences between American DJ’s and European DJ’s in your opinion?

I don’t really see any difference 🙂

What do you like to do besides make music?

Graphic design

What is your favorite phone emoji?

This one.
So sarcastic.

Any thoughts on your new VAVA Voom 21?

It is so amazing ! The sound is clear and it’s so loud ! Even the bass sounds really good when I listen in high volume. Gonna test it with friends on our trip ! Hope it will last for about 6 hours haha 😀

Listen to Elysium’s winning track below

Soundcloud: Elysiumishere
Facebook: Elysiumishere

To listen to other winners and awesome track submissions – visit the Mixathon48 Soundcloud here!

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