Online video sites are absolutely filled to the brim with dash cam clips. Everything from UFO landings and highway accidents, to police chases and natural phenomena have been caught on camera, ushering in a new area of Internet media consumption. But the advent of dash cams have also been incredibly important for drivers on the road, providing them with new avenues to protect themselves and their passengers from the unexpected or the previously unverifiable. For the initial investment, we at VAVA believe everyone should consider installing a dash cam in his or her vehicle. Here are eight reasons why!


1) Drive with Confidence

 Driving with a dash cam is like always having a watchful passenger in the car with you. The device takes up minimal room and is loaded with features that improve safety and security when taking to the road. It helps minimize some of the most pervasive dangers of driving, giving you an indefinite and protected record of all that happens in front and around your car. Knowing that the dangerous driving of others can no longer tarnish your record will improve confidence during the shortest of errands or the longest of road trips.

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2) Evidence in Case of Collision

Car accidents, unfortunately, happen all the time in the U.S. In 2016, some 4.6 million Americans were injured in such events, a cost valuation of almost $432 billion. And until the advent of perfect, driverless cars finally happens, these statistics are unlikely to change. In the past, unless there was a present witness, car collisions became a situation of your word against theirs. But no longer! With a dash cam, you will have the video (and sometimes audio) footage of a collision as it happens, providing you, the police, and your insurance company with all the information they need to respond accordingly.


3) Worry Free Parking

 Most of us have been there – you have parked your car in an empty lot. When you arrive back to your vehicle, there are chips, scrapes, scratches, or dents that weren’t there before. If you’re lucky, the culprit has left you a note on your windshield explaining the damage and providing contact information. If not, you’re stuck with an insurance bill and a premium increase. Dash cams are a fantastic solution to this problem. There’s no need to stop them recording after you exit your car. Instead, by leaving it on, you now have video evidence if ever someone decides that your vehicle isn’t worth their taking extra care when parking.


4) Insurance Fraud

 We’re all afraid of hitting a pedestrian when driving. Indeed, too many people die each year from being struck by a vehicle while walking, running, or biking. Thanks to Russian YouTube videos, we now know that there is even a monetary incentive for some to engage in this practice – stepping in front of a moving or stopping vehicle and pretending (or actually) getting hit so as to claim insurance money. While these instances are still relatively rare in the U.S., it doesn’t mean that they will be forever. Instead, by having a dash cam, you will be protected by video of anyone intentionally impacting your car in order to earn themselves a big check.

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5) Discipline and Monitor New Drivers

Learning to drive is hard work for both young teenagers and their parents. For the former, it’s getting used to the power and potential of the machine they’ve now been charged with. And for the latter, it’s the stress and nervousness associated with giving control of a vehicle to an inexperienced driver. Eventually, however, the parent has to let go – a moment when a dash cam can come in handy. By recording video of your child behind the wheel and uploading it to the cloud, you can be sure that they are taking care behind the wheel each and every day. As a parent and teacher, you can correct dangerous behavior and discipline as needed. The dash cam also becomes a deterrent, a first line of defense against joy riding, drunk driving, and speeding.


6) Document Road Trips

 GoPro Cameras are becoming an essential item for travellers, as they offer a chance to film experiences on the go in high definition. The same opportunity exists with dash cams and the Great American Road Trip. In fact, we would argue that a Dash cam is absolutely necessary to get the most out of your road trip. Never forget the roads you travelled, the stunning vistas you witnessed, the cities and towns you have journeyed through. Use your dash cam video to show your family and friends every step of your road trip across this wonderful country of ours, while never missing the chance to film the unexpected, the strange, and the exciting as it literally crosses your car’s path.


7) Immortalize the Unexpected

 Dash cams have caught some pretty amazing footage over the years. In Russia, it was the Sayanogorsk area meteor. Arkansas had the student showing his sobriety by juggling for police. The plane that sailed only a few meters over a Taiwanese highway. Bigfoot and ghost cars. Tornados, flash floods, and earthquakes. The world is filled with the unexplained and the unexpected, and these occurrences happen very often while we’re driving on the roads. With a dash cam, you can watch, re-watch, and watch again all those wild, mysterious, and once-in-a-lifetime moments captured when in your car.

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8) Make Memories to Share

Not everything associated with dash cams is about protecting yourself from physical, legal, and monetary harm. Just like documenting road trips and immortalizing on video the unexpected, dash cams help you create outstanding memories to share with your friends and family. New models of the device are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities so when you capture a moment, you have instantly share it only on your favorite social media platforms.


We are VAVA love dash cams, not just for the security and safety they afford, but the opportunity they present to share our love of driving with the world. And, as they are quite affordable, no one should think twice about investing in this piece of technology. Tell us in the comments below why you have a dash cam and what you’ve captured on video!


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