The VAVA Voom has impressed many with its sound, but its perfect unity of art, design, and quality has also garnered attention and praise. We’re glad to see our immaculate craftsmanship and down-to-the-last-detail efforts pay off. But none of this would be possible without the help of its designer, Wai-Loong Lim.

WaiWith over 20 years of success in a diverse number of industries, Wai’s clients include Sonos, Activision, TiVo, Intel, and Unilever. Wai’s work is internationally recognized and has earned him numerous design awards including the IDEA, Red Dot, Spark, and iF awards. By strength of his impeccable experience in sound system design and his savvy in lifestyle industries, Wai joined hands with VAVA to come up with the VAVA Voom portable Bluetooth speaker.

For the VAVA Voom, Wai and his team wanted a device to empower creativity and the passion to create. They let the design speak for itself, with nothing extraneous or whimsical getting in the way of its emotions and message. The result is a pure and iconic form with a wrap-around grille that sends true and real sound flowing from the speaker, and transforms it into ideas and inspiration.

侧面Now, as more and more audiophiles join us on our journey, we hope you too will let the VAVA Voom affect your life, like it has ours.