B-Boy Vincanity: Teaching the World to Dance

B-boying, or more commonly known as breakdancing, is the hip-hop dance filled with crazy flips, tricks, and poses that has made its mark in society.  It’s become a rather popular art form as seen in recent dance shows and movies showing off the style.  And no one else felt the effects of the rise and fall of breakdancing than Vince Horiuchi, or better known to the dance community as b-boy Vincanity.

A Sacramento native, Vince started dancing after he learned martial arts and saw his friends breakdance growing up.  From this, he developed a passion for the art form that stemmed further from a love of music, hip-hop, and of course, dancing.  It was however the energy and the community surrounding local b-boy battles that gave Vince the drive to turn breakdancing into his career.

Things don’t always start out so peachy.  The only jobs out there for an aspiring dancer were small performances or teaching.  Without much of a choice, Vince sought out every dance studio he could to make some extra cash through teaching. This was substantial enough to support him through college but it wasn’t until Vince taught kids at a local high school that he actually developed a passion for mentoring students.  Vince gave kids an opportunity to find a new interest in dancing that kept them off the streets and in a safe, creative community.


source: instagram.com/thehealthyconscience

This newfound passion led to the development of the VincaniTV YouTube channel; Vince’s outlet as B-Boy Vincanity. This channel gave people a way to learn how to dance when funding at the schools and studios fell short.  Through this, he has also developed a new interest in photography and videography, working for not only his own channel but for popular YouTube comedian, David So. His overall goal is to do as he did growing up: continue to popularize dance as a positive medium and influence for kids, even around the world.  With YouTube, he is continuing to find that success.

B-Boy Vincanity with VAVA on musicality when dancing

He doesn’t leave us without some words of wisdom.

Find the reason why you love what you do.  From there, take a step back and plan.  Especially in the long term.  If you think small, your outcomes will be small.  Don’t be afraid to think big.  Think big, plan big, make it happen.

Vincanity still continues making YouTube videos today.  Outside of YouTube, he is an avid photographer but also a coffee enthusiast, experimenting with different styles of brewing coffee.

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