Whether you’ve seen dash cam footage on YouTube or your neighbor has one in their new truck, this technology seems to be everywhere. Still, you’re left wondering – what are the benefits of a dash cam?

Here, we’ve got 10 reasons to own a dash cam, some fun and adventurous, and others to keep your family safe.

Proof of an Accident

At one time or another, you’ve likely been in a car accident where neither party is willing to accept responsibility. In cases where the cause isn’t obvious, you might’ve been left with huge expenses and little help from your insurance coverage.

So, the first, and probably most obvious reason to own a dash cam is to offer proof of what happened during a car accident.

You can avoid situations where the other party may not be as honest.

With a dash cam, all your trips are recorded and if anything goes wrong, you’ll have first-hand documentation of the incident that you can use when filing an insurance claim. It’s an investment that can save you money in the long run.

Evidence for Other Incidents on the Road

Not only will a dash cam protect you during a car accident, but they can also help someone else if an incident happens on the road around you. Just as you’ll be grateful for your dash cam if you get into an accident, other people will surely appreciate that you got the footage they might need to protect themselves.

This terrifying accident was caught on a rear dash cam, and was

Plus, it’s always a good feeling to lend a helping hand when you see someone in need.

Epic Footage of Your Epic Road Trip

Capture moments like these without having to leave your car.

Is there anyone who doesn’t have an epic road trip on their bucket list? For most of us, driving across the country is the ultimate adventure, and dash cams are the best way to capture the journey.

Whether you’re taking your kids on Route 66 this summer or you’re heading north on a solo vlogging trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, a dash cam allows you to take uninterrupted footage in high definition. These are memories that will last a lifetime and are just another reason to own a dash cam.

Unique Angle for Still Images

Dash cams take more than just video footage, though. You can also capture incredible still images from a unique perspective in stunning HD quality. Professional photographers and everyday drivers alike can take amazing photos using a dash cam.

Monitor Other Drivers

If your car is driven by more than one driver, dash cams are a safe way to monitor what’s going on in your car even when you’re not there. Although we’re not advocating any helicopter parenting or paranoid behavior, it’s a simple way to double-check where your kids are headed and a subtle way to check on anyone who borrows your vehicle.

In many cases, the fact that your car is fitted with a dash cam will likely curb any “sub-par” behavior from others who drive your vehicle. So, it’s up to you whether or not you actually check the footage.

Useful for Driving Instructors

In the same vein, dash cams are fantastic tools for driving instructors and business owners where cars are involved. Let’s say you lend out company cars to employees or you own a taxi service. You can use a dash cam to make sure the cars aren’t being used for personal trips or otherwise inappropriate reasons.

Again, we don’t want to encourage paranoia, but it’s always smart to have some security measures in place when you run a business involving cars. Dash cams can be incredibly useful for such purposes.

Ensure Police Accountability

Police departments all across the country have enabled dash cams for officers to better protect the public and themselves. In some instances, there has been unnecessary police brutality during what should have been a simple interaction with a citizen.

Although dash cams can’t completely solve the problem of police accountability, it’s a fantastic start. By getting objective footage of what happens during a police encounter, dash cams can help authorities get to the bottom of what actually happened if something goes awry.

Catch Thieves and Vandals

Dash cams can also be used as your car’s own personal security system. If you purchase a dash cam that comes with a 24-hour parking monitor, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected.

Whether you want to check in on some faulty repairs after dropping off your car at the mechanic or you’re trying to find whoever smashed your passenger seat window last night, a dash cam can get all the footage you need to figure out what happened.

Overall Safety and Security

When it comes down to it, dash cams provide drivers and passengers with safety, security, and overall peace of mind. Knowing that the dash cam is recording everything, from the trip to what happens in the parking lot, means knowing that you’re covered if anything to goes wrong.

Especially for worried parents and world travelers, a dash cam can make all the difference.

Unexpectedly Useful Features

Finally, the last reason to own a dash cam is for all of its unexpectedly useful features. Although you may have only just now learned about all the incredible benefits of getting a dash cam for your car, the tipping point might not come until we get into the specifics.

Features like 360-degree swivel action, an HD display, and Wi-Fi-enabled functioning are common in base models with more exclusive features like night vision and auto-recording available as you move up the range. These features are truly hard to beat. So, whether you’re making memories on the road or want more safety and security when it comes to your car, check out our line of VAVA dash cams to find the features you’re looking for.