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Focus On – 5 Reasons Why the VAVA VOOM 21 is Better than Your Bluetooth Speaker

If you thought that a higher price tag unconditionally equals a better Bluetooth speaker, you could not be more wrong. Featuring solid hardware, an...

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Towne – Country Pop’s Biggest Duo Jams With VAVA Before Performing at 30A Songwriters Festival

TOWNE is the next exciting act to come out of the Nashville pop scene. Members Jon Decious and Steevie Steeves met one faithful day...



DAWs: The Software You Need for Music Production

Fruity Loops, Ableton, Logic… you may have heard of these before floating around the music world but what are they even?  To music producers,...


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VAVA Dash Cam Showcase At Target Open House

One of the goals behind creating the VAVA Dash Cam was to make dash cams and capturing the driving experience more accessible, and well,...

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VAVA Red Dot Award Celebration Recap

If winning two Red Dot awards in a row doesn’t require some proper celebration what does? In order to commemorate the attribution of the...